Trying something new

by Justin Larson on December 18, 2012 · 0 comments

Someone once told me you burn an average of 550 calories for every hour of snowshoeing. I, for one, had never tried snowshoeing, so when it was an activity option on a work trip I decided to try it out. Mount Roosevelt was our challenge that day; eight of us strapped on the shoes and started up the trail. The road to the top isn’t maintained during the winter months so its perfect for a winter hike. It wasn’t long into the trek and I realized why so many people enjoy doing it; the peacefulness of the woods surrounded the group as we moved along the trail watching for wild life. There were some deer in the distance watching us “tackle” the trail to the top as did the wild turkeys in the valley below. We weren’t going to set any records getting to the top but with the sun shining, little to no wind, and the temperatures close to 40 degrees, there was no hurry to go anywhere. The slot machines in Deadwood would have to wait a couple hours for our group to return.

When we finally reached the top we were pleasantly surprised by a 32-foot tower. Not knowing that there was anything at the top, besides a great view, we pushed on to the tower to check it out. This tower is referred to as “Friendship Tower” and was put here as a memorial to Theodore Roosevelt. The Tower was Seth Bullock’s idea and it was dedicated on July 4th, 1919.

 On this day I was lucky enough to survive the hike, discover something new in the area and got to enjoy the beauty of the Black Hills National Forest. Oh, and burning all those calories!

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