Spirit Mound

by Justin Larson on June 24, 2013 · 0 comments


Ever feel like you see something so often you take it for granted? Well, that is exactly the feeling I had last month when I took a couple hours to hike up Spirit Mound, located just north of Vermillion, SD. For five years of college (yes, I was a super senior) anytime I drove to and from my home town of Hurley, I drove by Spirit Mound.  I always knew what it was and what it represented but never took the time to learn more about it. Fortunately, for me, that is no longer the case.

Spirit Mound was believed to be occupied by spirits that killed any human who came near. That belief is long gone now but is still considered sacred to many Native Americans. It’s open for everyone’s enjoyment to hike to the top and take in a great view of the Vermillion River and the vast prairie that surrounds it. The parking lot, bathrooms and informative board at the beginning of the trail have all been updated over the years and are a wonderful hike for anyone. Surrounded by wild flowers you will hike along a well-worn trail to the summit for a spectacular view. From the summit you can get a picture of what the land might have looked like 200 years ago when Lewis and Clark traveled this same area.

I would highly suggest to anyone to take the time and learn a little about the history behind Spirit Mound and spend a morning or afternoon taking in its beauty.



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