Ferris Car Fighters

by Austin Kaus on September 18, 2014 · 0 comments

Huron (pop. 12,867) is probably best-known as the home of either the South Dakota State Fair or the giant pheasant that lives on the east side of town. Keep going east on Highway 14, however, and you’ll find Dakota Fireworks. I love fireworks (while many of my former neighbors do not), but it’s not the potential explosive inventory that caught my interest a few weeks ago.

Instead, it was the out-of-commission Ferris wheel that stood aged but proud just near the store’s entrance. Having grown up less than an hour from Huron, I recognized the wheel, its collection of pods each decorated like World War I fighter planes standing firm against the elements as they did decades ago. Ferris wheels aren’t uncommon for visitors to the state’s fairs (the Sioux Empire Fair, Central States Fair, Brown County Fair and, of course, Huron’s own South Dakota State Fair.) However, there’s something rather magical about walking straight up to a decommissioned piece of equipment free of gates, its days of rotating giddy children and fun-loving adults long behind it.

The wind blew but the pods stayed still. I pictured junior fighter pilots flying as high as the wheel would take them, hopped into my vehicle and took off for my own next adventure.

HOW DO I GET THERE?: Dakota Fireworks is at 40317 U.S. Highway 14 in Huron.

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