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by Austin Kaus on October 17, 2014 · 0 comments

If pheasant hunting means anything to you, you can feel something in the air right now. Excitement. Anticipation. You can smell freshly-cleaned guns and hear the sound of dogs ready to hit the field. Pheasant season is a holiday in South Dakota and, man, are people ready to celebrate.

The season officially opens for everyone tomorrow, but residents had a chance last weekend to go out and hit the fields. While reports are still coming in, the Aberdeen News reported that hunters seemed happy.

“South Dakota hunters had their first shot at pheasants this weekend and, according to state Game, Fish and Parks Conservation Officer Nick Cochran, those who put in the time got their limit.” (Source)

Between that and news that bird numbers are up, it’s hard not to be excited.

As if it wasn’t enough, I was able to go out to R & R Hunting near Seneca and walk with some hunters that were clearly excited to finally be out in the field again. There’s something special about the first time in a season that you get to crunch some weeds and fire off some shots (even if I was walking with a camera instead of a shotgun.) The gunpowder smelled just as amazing as I remembered and the fields were alive with the yells of “ROOSTER! ROOSTER! ROOSTER!” followed by what was, more often than not, the sound of a successful shot.

After a few rounds of pheasant hunting on a blustery South Dakota day, we all came back to the cabin happy.

I’m hoping that the hunters that start to fill our fields this weekend leave with the same smile. Good luck and happy hunting!

Don’t forget to share your hunting pictures and videos with #HuntInSD! Whether it’s a picture of a happy pooch or a good day’s haul, show the world what you’re experiencing in the beautiful fields of South Dakota.

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